Wednesday, November 26, 2008

how quickly things change

and by that - I'm totally talking about how quickly in one short day I can almost completely forget about that lovely section of the "My Pregnancy" list labeled "Pros"... it started last night, and is not really anyone's fault but my own... and a little of E's maybe... but mostly mine...

I stayed a few minutes late after work waiting for the Big Boss Man (BBM) to get out of a meeting and begin another meeting (wasn't going to lock up the office while someone was waiting in our lobby to meet with him!) then had to make a stop at Panera Bread to purchase a gift card for my office Secret Santa partner (oh, and a hot chocolate for me!) so I didn't get home until shortly after 6pm

I managed to get changed out of my work clothes and into PJ's (my fav!) before my sister K stopped over to take home some spaghetti because I'd made WAY too much the night before - and needed help getting rid of it... shortly after she left our friend S stopped by to pick up some shirts my dad had made, and to drop off gifts for Copper as she had missed the baby shower due to work.... she stayed for about an hour & a half - which was lovely as we rarely get to hang out!

E & I didn't eat dinner until 9pm - and then around 9:30-9:45pm I started painting Copper's closet so E could finish installing the new shelving/storage unit he'd purchased... well... let's just say I was on my feet for QUITE a while painting the inside of the closet, standing on a little stepladder to get around the edges of the door opening (E doesn't typically do paint... although he did paint the lower half of the walls, and the trim near the floor to save me from bending down - sweet isn't he?) and THEN we started putting the shelving unit in...

E did most of the installation - I mostly handed him screws and tools, but still - I was on my feet the whole time... and seeing as we started about 10pm and finished around 1am - I think it was just a little too long for me... when I went to bed my feet and legs were WAY swollen and puffy - not to mention my feet were totally killing me, and I was exhausted... and can I please say that going to bed at 1:30am and getting up at 6:50am does NOT do a Preggo justice?

I need more than 5 hours of sleep... especially right now... this morning was NOT pretty, and although I've had my feet propped on a pillow on top of my computer tower almost all day today - my legs are still puffy (I get the whole "water retention" thing - but man - they are PUUUHHH-FFFEEEEEEE today!)

just wanted to whine for a minute or two about my puffy aching feet, my puffy sock-indented legs, and my puffy itchy sleep-deprived eyes... and while I'm at it - the total pasty color of my face (although I think that is more lack of sun than anything - I'm totally washed out, fer real. I need a tan.) :)

I hope y'all have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving (E will be working - so I'm going to sleep in, make my scalloped corn then head to the 'rents house for some serious pigging out and vegging out! and I think I might even wear my PJ's there!) and for those of you who are hitting the shops on Friday - I hope you get GREAT deals (get some for me will ya? I'm not sure this body is conditioned for shopping at the ass-crack of dawn this year... or for standing in the bitter cold either...)



Anonymous said...

PLEASE post the scalloped corn recipe! YUM!

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.