Wednesday, November 26, 2008

how quickly things change

and by that - I'm totally talking about how quickly in one short day I can almost completely forget about that lovely section of the "My Pregnancy" list labeled "Pros"... it started last night, and is not really anyone's fault but my own... and a little of E's maybe... but mostly mine...

I stayed a few minutes late after work waiting for the Big Boss Man (BBM) to get out of a meeting and begin another meeting (wasn't going to lock up the office while someone was waiting in our lobby to meet with him!) then had to make a stop at Panera Bread to purchase a gift card for my office Secret Santa partner (oh, and a hot chocolate for me!) so I didn't get home until shortly after 6pm

I managed to get changed out of my work clothes and into PJ's (my fav!) before my sister K stopped over to take home some spaghetti because I'd made WAY too much the night before - and needed help getting rid of it... shortly after she left our friend S stopped by to pick up some shirts my dad had made, and to drop off gifts for Copper as she had missed the baby shower due to work.... she stayed for about an hour & a half - which was lovely as we rarely get to hang out!

E & I didn't eat dinner until 9pm - and then around 9:30-9:45pm I started painting Copper's closet so E could finish installing the new shelving/storage unit he'd purchased... well... let's just say I was on my feet for QUITE a while painting the inside of the closet, standing on a little stepladder to get around the edges of the door opening (E doesn't typically do paint... although he did paint the lower half of the walls, and the trim near the floor to save me from bending down - sweet isn't he?) and THEN we started putting the shelving unit in...

E did most of the installation - I mostly handed him screws and tools, but still - I was on my feet the whole time... and seeing as we started about 10pm and finished around 1am - I think it was just a little too long for me... when I went to bed my feet and legs were WAY swollen and puffy - not to mention my feet were totally killing me, and I was exhausted... and can I please say that going to bed at 1:30am and getting up at 6:50am does NOT do a Preggo justice?

I need more than 5 hours of sleep... especially right now... this morning was NOT pretty, and although I've had my feet propped on a pillow on top of my computer tower almost all day today - my legs are still puffy (I get the whole "water retention" thing - but man - they are PUUUHHH-FFFEEEEEEE today!)

just wanted to whine for a minute or two about my puffy aching feet, my puffy sock-indented legs, and my puffy itchy sleep-deprived eyes... and while I'm at it - the total pasty color of my face (although I think that is more lack of sun than anything - I'm totally washed out, fer real. I need a tan.) :)

I hope y'all have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving (E will be working - so I'm going to sleep in, make my scalloped corn then head to the 'rents house for some serious pigging out and vegging out! and I think I might even wear my PJ's there!) and for those of you who are hitting the shops on Friday - I hope you get GREAT deals (get some for me will ya? I'm not sure this body is conditioned for shopping at the ass-crack of dawn this year... or for standing in the bitter cold either...)


Saturday, November 22, 2008

my own little list of pregnancy pros & cons

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a little swelling of the fingers (am now wearing wedding set on my necklace) and feet/ankles (got myself some suede rubber-soled slippers to wear at work & have been propping my feet on my computer tower often during the work day) in the evenings... just this past week I noticed how icky lovely cellulite looks on my thighs... I'm wondering what fabulous pregnancy effect my body will show next week... stretch marks? probably. All in all though, I've only gained 31 pounds so far, and other than the ginormous belly and slightly chubbier cheeks (if you ask certain people that is) - I look pretty much exactly the same as I did before I was knocked up... I'm pretty darn lucky I'd have to say.

So throughout the past 8.5 months I've been pretty darn blessed with how my pregnancy has been going, and thought of drawing up a list just to compare how many great things have happened as opposed to how many not-so-great things have happened... so here it is... my list as I see it at this particular point (33 weeks and 6 days pregnant) :)

  • feeling great still
  • no complications
  • looking pretty good still ;)
  • can at least drink hot chocolate
  • can eat lots and lots
  • freedom from changing Batman's litter box
  • people asking how I'm doing and offering to assist with everything
  • feeling Baby move in my belly is the most awesome experience I've ever had
  • being called chubby or fat just makes me laugh
  • books & presents for Baby :)
  • people excuse a lot of blunders due to Baby eating brain cells ;)
  • picking out and buying/registering for Baby stuff is fun!
  • looking at Baby clothes is fun! even if you're not knowing of Baby's gender ;)
  • gaining new friendships with other moms/dads - and getting advice from them!
  • being loaned or given maternity clothes from friends who don't currently need them ROCKS!! whoo-hoo for previously preggo friends & family
  • boss doesn't care if you're wearing maternity jeans three days a week
  • actual cleavage for the first time in my life :)
  • 24/7 nausea from weeks 6-15
  • can't stand smell of Chinese food
  • can't eat chocolate desserts or drink chocolate milk
  • Pregnancy Brain
  • extreme fatigue often
  • people try to tell you how to raise your child
  • being overly emotional and hormonal ;)
  • lack of motivation to do anything due to lack of energy
  • trying to figure out what products are the right ones for Baby can be frustrating
  • making three pairs of pants last through a five day work-week without wearing the same ones two days in a row...
  • swelling fingers, feet & ankles
  • cellulite on thighs (and probably bum too - can't see that though!!)
  • 3rd trimester sex is awkward to do
Yeah... I had more items for my list while laying in bed last night drifting off to sleep, but alas, they're escaping me at this time... but any way you look at it - for me, the Pros definitely outnumber and outweigh the Cons... being pregnant is AWESOME!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ummm... uncomfortable??

right now Copper is doing some serious pushing against whatever it is that is pushing into my diaphragm - or is it my ribs? I don't know exactly - what I do know is that breathing is almost effin' impossible uncomfortable - to say the least... if I place my hand at the very top of the baby bump all I feel is a hard little mound. Could it be the entire baby there?? I swear - it feels like more than just a foot, hand or head... my gosh. breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breathe out. Okay - I think we've managed to continue moving air through the lungs now :) Whew... that was miserable less than fun!

As long as we're talking about uncomfortable, lets discuss something that isn't so much uncomfortable, as hmmm, how would you call it... awkward - yes, definitely awkward. Let's talk awkward shall we? I've got it for you in five words. Thirty-one weeks pregnant sex. Oh yes. Seriously, I know that for some pregnant couples the sex life gets better, for some it gets worse, for some it disappears completely, but for us, it's been normal a little less steady, but we're both okay with it so far... well, we were anyway. Until last week.

Yes, last week was quite interesting... upon finishing showering one day last week E asked me "hey babe, wanna have a quickie?" (he's incredibly romantic eh? no wonder I couldn't turn that offer down) and so ya know.... we did. well, we tried. I've gotta say, I really should have more closely read that article with the "Third Trimester Sex Tips" all I could recall was "doggy style" and "spoon" and a few others of which I couldn't remember... let's just say that we tried three positions before mostly giving up... and afterwards E said to me "ya know, that might be the last time we have sex for a while... it wasn't much fun was it?" My response sounded something like much fun? it was pretty horrible actually, seriously, what was the point there? "nope babe, not much at all" So yeah. Unless I can find that article again and it has some better ideas, or someone gives me some good ideas, looks like we won't be "getting any" for a while... seriously - we're still 8 weeks out, followed by the recommended "healing time" of 6 weeks? That's FOURTEEN WEEKS... which is 3.5 months. Are you kidding me? Wow. Please - someone, anyone - I need ideas! I'm no nympho well not since we started doing it in highschool anyway but seems to me that 14 weeks without sex is an infinite awfully long time... and pretty crazy too...

So yeah. Now that we've discussed being uncomfortable, and uncomfortable topics, any ideas, advice, thoughts, suggestions, etc would be most welcome. I know there are plenty of you out there who can help us, so DO IT!! NOW!! Please? :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

October ROFL Awards

Jess of Oh, The Joys and Tania of Chicky Chicky Baby are keeping the Rolling On the Floor Laughing Awards going and I'm sharing the laughs with y'all!

I nominated Catherine of Her Bad Mother because while her posts sometimes bring me to tears, and often make me think, this post was definitely deserving of a ROFL Award! It made me cringe, almost gag, laugh in horror, and pray several times for this to NEVER EVER happen to me... (of course I have no doubts that I will also be without extra clothes or diapers and have a shitastic event take place at some point, but a girl's gotta have hope right??)

It's hilariously disturbing - especially for me, about to embark on this adventure called Motherhood... and probably for other new mom's as well... or anyone at all who deals with diapers full of poo.... not sure I'll ever look at mustard the same way again...

Catherine - you have all my sympathy, and admiration too, for being able to do what you did without collapsing against the bathroom wall in hysterics and tears until some poor soul took mercy on you and helped you out... you.are.amazing. No doubt about it!

Don't forget also to check in on either Jess or Tania's blogs to see the full list of October ROFL Award winners!! Enjoy ROFL!! :)