Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspiration Behind the Blog Title...

I'm linking up to MamaKat's pretty much world famous Writer's Workshop and I chose to do the Bonus Vlog Option! (Tell us the story behind the title of your blog. What is it? What inspired it? What other options did you consider? Are you happy with it?)

Pretty much a rambling mess, with special appearances by a singing toddler and lazy dog... please excuse the interruptions, as well as the length... once Goose starts singing her ABC's there isn't much left to see/hear... just me trying to wrap it up... and then Goose interrupting with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star... so yeah.

Thanks for watching my very first (and possibly last?) ever vlog...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the things she says & does...

I can't believe how fast Goose is growing... it seems like it was only yesterday that she was gurgling, blowing bubbles, jabbering-in-non-English in my arms... and now she's closing in on two and a half and speaking more words, more clearly... mimicking Hubs & I... coming up with her own sentences... turning into Little Miss Independent... it's so hard to believe, and while I'm at times saddened by the fact that my baby girl is growing up, I'm also thrilled at how smart and sassy she's becoming... although at times, a little too sassy it seems... the things that come out of her mouth these days are often hilarious, and often Hubs & I are trying to hide smiles or chuckles when she says or does something that we really don't want her repeating... here is a small sampling of life with an ever-evolving Goose:


while pinching my fingers in a hairclip I pretended that it hurt, saying "ow Goose! that hurts Momma's hand!" she then removed it from my hand, kissed my "owie" patted my hand and said, in perfect toddler-English "you okay swee-heart, you okay"


while in the shower with me as I turned to wash my face, leaving her standing in the opposite end of the tub playing with her toys (or so I thought) - she hits my bum and then says "you butt wiggow Momma"


 while snuggling with me in bed one morning she wrapped her arms tight around my neck and said "you my mommy"


wanting to be picked up while going out to the car "Goose hold you Momma"


when turning off cartoons at night before bed or in the morning before going to daycare "night night Dora, night night Boots, night night Benny, night night Issa, night night Tiko!" or "bye bye Phins an' Ferb"


asking to have a ponytail like Momma "I want pony, Momma!!"


upon bursting into the bathroom to find me unwrapping an always with wings "you have owie Momma?"


I'm just thankful at this point that she hasn't repeated any curses (which we try to keep to a minimum, but still... ya know how it goes!) and that she wasn't asking for an ACTUAL pony.

Friday, April 8, 2011


disclaimer: this post may not be for anyone with a weak stomach... it's not graphic, but still.

for the second week in a row I had to call in to work (on a FRIDAY!!) because Goose was/is sick... last week she started with a low fever, which turned into a higher fever (lingered between 102-103 degrees) refusal to eat anything, and two episodes of vomiting on Thursday night. Friday we went to the doctor, she tested negative for strep, was diagnosed with a stomach bug & prescribed rest & hydration... by Friday night her fever had broken and she was running around like normal on Saturday...

yesterday was Hubs' day off so he picked Goose up from daycare, ran an errand & arrived home shortly after me... that was about 24 hours ago... not even 10 minutes after they had arrived home she got sick while coloring (we lost a book from a friend & a photobook I made of her first year in that incident).... and while she's been sipping water & milk (her choice - ick! I hate milk when it comes back up all curdled - eww eww eww.) and even managed to get a few crackers down... but nothing stays down for long... and the process (of vomiting) terrifies her... she looks at me with her eyes all wide and scared, and then after she cries like her heart is broken... I HATE feeling helpless... I wish I could take her in to be checked out and have them magically give her something to help, but I know (from last week and others' recent experiences) that there really isn't anything they can do - other than give her IV fluids if she becomes dehydrated... which I'm doing my best to prevent... but I just can't stand doing nothing.... 24 hours of my Goose being miserable, vomiting, a few diarrhea diapers... ugh. it sucks. thankfully this time there's no fever, but it doesn't make me feel any less helpless... *sigh* hoping & praying she gets over this quickly... we need a shower... or three.