Friday, October 31, 2008

giveaway for expecting and/or new moms!!

Check out this awesome give-away from HomemakerBarbi!! If you're a new mom, or expecting - and are (or are planning to) breastfeed - this giveaway is for you!! Check it out HERE!! Good luck to you!! (although I've gotta say - I'm hoping to win this myself!) ;) Have a great weekend!!

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

31 must be my number

so I'm in my 31st week, and today at my prenatal check-up I asked the nurse as I stepped on the scale "can you tell me how much I've gained, because I don't know what I started at" and she said "sure, you started at 109..." as the scale reads 140.0... so hey - I've gained 31 pounds... then when my OB/GYN is measuring whatever she measures (I just think of it as "mah bellay" but I know she's actually measuring something specific... other than just the distance from my pubis to almost my sternum) she says "31, good - that's normal" so... while my BP doesn't fit in this category, nor does the baby's heart rate - it looks like everything is "31" for me today... can you play the lottery with just one number?

huh. so much for a post worth reading eh? not much point in checking in on this blog today :) at least not so far...

I spoke to my friend L earlier this evening to see how she's doing (her baby will be 4 weeks old tomorrow!) and she's been having terrible migraines for the past week or so, along with not eating well, not sleeping much, and quite possibly battling PPD... I'm feeling terrible for her, and wishing that I could be of some help... other than offering to watch the baby so she can get out of the house, or take her out of the house for a bit while her hubs, C, stays home with the baby, I'm not sure what to do... she does have an appt. tomorrow to see the doc for baby's "well baby" check-up, and is going to ask the doc. about all of this too... but if anyone has suggestions of how I can help, or some advice for her - please let me know... dealing with all of this as well as a brand new baby just can't be fun...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

entering week 30...

or I guess week 31, as I'm 30 weeks preggo already, which means I have only ten weeks or so to go... if I go full term and not early or late that is... and I'm currently having mixed feelings about being at this stage of the game... on one hand I can't WAIT to hold this sweet little creature and cuddle it and love it... and on the other hand, I really think I will miss feeling the movements going on in my belly...

I mean I've been pretty darn blessed during this pregnancy, yeah I got the dreaded "morning sickness" that was more of a 24/7 nausea from weeks 6 through 15, as well as barely being able to keep my eyes open the first trimester... and yeah for the past month or so I've been plagued with heartburn several times a week, but all in all - I've had a GREAT pregnancy! Unlike my friend L who was retaining water by month 5 and had high blood pressure throughout her pregnancy, as well as having to spend her birthday in the hospital due to pre-eclampsia symptoms... she was absolutely miserable for a good portion of her pregnancy and is not looking forward to doing it again in the near future... me on the other hand - I've had it easy, and I'm actually loving being pregnant... so I think that I'll miss it... well, if I even have any time to miss it with Copper taking all of my attention and energy that is :)

either way - my time as a preggo is getting shorter, and before long I'll be a MOM! how exciting!