Monday, January 5, 2009

time for Baby!! well... kinda...

Yesterday was my due date and nothing was stirring, not even a fart... I have a check-up today at 4:15 and hopefully they will check to see if I'm dilated at all... cross your fingers for me!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

due in 3 days, and nothing so far...

yep - that's right. Today is Thursday, my due date is Sunday - and I've not even had any Braxton Hicks contractions! haven't had any signs or symptoms that would indicate that labor is impending either... so, I'm thinking there's a pretty good chance we're going over... which I know is pretty common for first time pregnancies, and I'm lucky enough to not be way uncomfortable still... so - I guess we're just going to wait and see when Copper decides it's time to make the grand entrance :)

which is actually fine, because the longer Copper stays inside, the more time I have to try to talk E out of the names he is TOTALLY stuck on, and that I just don't like. he has two names picked for a girl - and I don't like either of them... Summer & Jemma... sorry, nothing against the names themselves - but they just aren't names I would pick for my child... and to go on a little bit of a vent here - I'm TOTALLY trying to compromise... I've totally given up all the names I picked as first names which he didn't like (Maggie, Aubrey, Olivia, etc.) and have even said I would give up my middle name I always said I would use in order to find a first name we could BOTH like... AND I've come up with numerous lists of names I could live with but he just won't budge!! his idea of compromising is this: we flip a coin, the winner gets to pick the first name, the loser gets to pick the middle name, AND name the next child... so yeah, that sounds decent - except that if I lose, I STILL have to live with a first name I don't like... if he were to lose I wouldn't pick one of my names that he hates as the first name, I'd still pick one we both like... he's driving me NUTS!!

okay, I'm done venting for the moment... but it might not last :) I hope everyone is having a GREAT New Year's Day - and has a wonderful 2009... wish us luck with Copper (whenever he/she arrives!!)