Monday, May 16, 2011

making the move to WordPress

hey folks, I've gotten a bit tired of blogging on two separate blogs, so I'm currently in transition of moving from blogger to wordpress - I bought  my own domain "" and got an amazing deal through a twitter/blog friend (Kate @ MommyMonologues) for a year of hosting through dreamhosters - so while the url currently still points you right back to MLAAOW on blogger - as soon as the move is finished (Kate is still moving posts & comments right now, and I'm designing myself a new header) I'll soon be blogging at WordPress - I'm excited to have a blog that will allow me a little more control over the appearance of my blog, and also allow me to respond/communicate easier with my readers (my numbers may be small, but I appreciate every single one of you!!) ;)

Hope to see you soon at at WordPress :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where the Blog Magic Happens...

I'm linking up to MamaKat's pretty much world famous Writer's Workshop and I chose to do the Bonus Vlog Option! (Last week we talked about how your blog got it's name...this week show us where the magic happens! Where do you do your blogging? When does it get done? How long does it take to write a post? How much time do you spend on the computer? etc. Tell us about the process!)

Once again, a rambling mess. This time complete with motion-blur, wonky-sound, and bags under my eyes... not to mention bad lighting. Unfortunately, I didn't have a cute singing toddler to raise the ratings this week as she was already in bed busy playing with a friend, (did I mention it took FOUR tries before I was able to record an entire video without a major toddler interruption?) but hopefully you can bear with me anyway... and let me show you where the magic happens :)

PS - I totally would have vlogged this from work, but I don't have a webcam there, and most likely if I snuck my laptop into work with me, I would have eleventybillion people walking through or calling while I was trying to record, so you only get to see half the magic... sorry ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dora DVD Giveaway!!

Okay, so Tammi over at My Organized Chaos is having a giveaway - and while I sometimes enter giveaways, and I sometimes don't - based on my level of interest, this one I'm DEFINITELY entering!! Tammi is giving away (to two lucky readers!) a Dora the Explorer: It's Haircut Day DVD!! and in case anyone doesn't already know - Goose is a HUGE Dora fan... I mean HUGE!! When she wakes up in the morning (especially on weekends!) she said "I watch Doha Momma?" and when we get home from work/daycare she says "I watch Doha Momma!" and if I haven't caved already and turned it on while making dinner, when she gets in her booster seat she asks "I watch Doha Momma?" and if I still haven't caved - before bed she asks again "I watch Doha Momma?" Seriously. My kid LOVES Dora.

Actually, Dora is currently one of only TWO characters we've bought any "character items" of at our house... She has a few Dora DVD's (Christmas, birthday, just because & Easter presents) she has Dora books (for those same events) she has a Dora toothbrush, a Dora sippy cup, and a few hand-me-down/second-hand-shop/Mom2MomSale purchased Dora shirts/jammies... she loves Dora. (The other character, if you're wondering - is Tinkerbell. She has light-up Tink shoes, and a Tink card table & chairs - which is actually still in the box in the garage, as we bought it as a Christmas or birthday gift - and she STILL has enough other stuff and little room that it just hasn't been opened yet - she doesn't even know she has it! Of course, she IS only two...)

ANYWAY - if you have little ones that love Dora and you want a chance to win a Dora DVD (it has 4 episodes including Boots' first haircut, the Super Babies' 1st birthday, and two others... I don't remember what they were though - go check the giveaway to find out!) If you don't win - you can purchase it on Amazon for a discounted price :)

what are you waiting for?? GO ENTER!!