Saturday, March 27, 2010

hurt feelings

okay, so I know this is totally ridiculous, but Goose hurt my feelings today... and just to prove I know how ridiculous it is, I'm blogging it, so y'all can agree that, yes, it's absolutely ridiculous. I guess I should explain, right?

when Goose was young, she would willingly go to anyone who wanted to hold her... when she got a little older, it was mostly just "momma" that she wanted... then for a while, hubs or her aunt (the one that babysat her for 5 months) would be her top picks... sometimes my sister and mom would also do in a pinch. since she started daycare and getting the socialization she's been SO much better... yet still, she's not the biggest fan of my dad, or my father in law, or even my brother in law... I mean she doesn't scream when she sees them, but she doesn't want to be left alone with them either ;) I know it's mostly a "male" thing, and it's not directed at only one particular male...

but today I dropped Goose off at my sister's for a couple of hours while I went to scrapbook at my aunt's house a couple miles away... while she was there, she happily played with my sister, and even my brother in law when he got home from work... later G & I went out to my mom & dad's to visit (daddy had foot surgery a couple days ago so he's recuperating on the couch) and G (which is what Grampa calls her by the way - really) was all over the place with my mom, but wouldn't go near my dad... he even tried to bribe her with a hamburger patty (which she took from my mom, but not him) as well as a popsicle (same story)... my dad just blew it off saying "eh, no problem. she's fine" but I wondered if he was hurt by my daughter's continued rejection... and in turn, it hurt my feelings, that my Goose might be hurting my beloved Daddy. (I told you it was ridiculous, did I not?) I mean yes, she was tired, it had been a long day and she didn't nap well, yes - there was a lot going on, and yes - she is a lot better with him than she used to be (when she isn't tired & hungry) but still... c'mon, at this age, shouldn't she just KNOW how awesome he is?? because he totally is... he's the (don't tell hubs I said that will ya?) and I'm really really ready for the day that she "gets" that... I think that partially I feel rejected when she rejects him (wow, I am such a Daddy's Girl - you didn't know until now did you? well. now you do.) and in turn, my feelings are hurt...

so yeah. I'm ridiculous, and I know it. now I'm just waiting for G to get over this little bump so I can be absolutely content in knowing that she "gets" that her Grampa, well, he's the bomb-diggity. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

you know what they say...

"they" being well-meaning people who tell all sorts of tidbits, suggestions and pieces of advice to expectant and new moms... you know the ones... and the things they say... like "parenting is tough, but absolutely worth it" - on that, I happen to agree. or how about how EVERYONE tells you about the "terrible two's" and even that "three is even worse - especially with girls" - well, I am obviously not there just yet, Goose being almost 15 months old now... what "they" forgot to tell me? the terrible two's? they actually start at 12 months. seriously.

ever since Goose hit the one year mark she has been throwing the CRAZIEST temper tantrums... she will go from being super sweet and smiling, to (as her Grampa likes to call her) an "angry elf" - and I mean angry. I know sometimes it's just her being angry because I've taken away something she was playing with (that she shouldn't have... like the outlet cover she just removed from the outlet... or the Sharpie marker or ink pen she's walking around with... or the camera after she's been hitting it against the window repeatedly... you know, things like that) and she just gets so mad... often though I know that it's frustration at the lack of communication... I know how ornery she gets when she's hungry and the food just isn't ready yet (she gets it from me... and I get it from my dad... it's a low-blood sugar thing. it runs in the family. ask anyone who knows us. I'm certain it's well documented somewhere.) and when she gets mad/frustrated/whatever - she lets you know it... she grabs & pinches, she bites, she screams... it's downright scary sometimes how fast it happens!! I guess I didn't think that we would escape this phase... I just didn't know it would start so soon.

earlier this evening I gave her a bottle and she was all cuddly afterwards... for a few minutes... and then she wanted to climb all over me (which she did, I'm cool with being a jungle gym) and then climb onto the arm of the loveseat to grab her now-empty bottle off the end table (okay, no biggie... let's play with the bottle - fun) and THEN she tips it upside down and starts pushing it on the dog, the loveseat, me... (okay, so when I said it was empty? I meant practically empty... there are always a few drops left in the bottom right?) so now there is milk on the dog (oh well) the loveseat (crap, hope Gramma & Grampa aren't expecting to get this back) and me (wait - is it puke? poop? oh, no need to change then. I'm good) but still, I think "yeah, we're done with this" and take the bottle away... she was not impressed. and to be sure I knew it, she promptly pulled her paci right out of her mouth, and proceeded to take those sharp little teeth right to my forearm. no kidding. I immediately said "GOOSE! you better not be biting Momma!" and it stopped her... but geez. remind anyone else of a Velociraptor? no? just me I guess. (too much time watching Jurassic Park with hubs I think)

earlier than that, in the kitchen as she's eating a snack, she keeps chucking her sippy cup of juice onto the floor... seriously. how many times in the half hour since we'd been home could I tell her "no" ?? and really... I think I tell her "no" too often... I'm trying to stop doing this, as I find myself saying it all the time... of course she's always getting into something that she shouldn't... and of course I'm usually distracted either trying to make dinner, wash dishes, get some work done on the computer, etc... which is totally off topic... how do YOU handle the situation when your kids are getting into something they shouldn't be while you're trying to get something done? I need the help. and the advice. so tell me, what do THEY say I should be doing?? ;)