Saturday, November 8, 2008

ummm... uncomfortable??

right now Copper is doing some serious pushing against whatever it is that is pushing into my diaphragm - or is it my ribs? I don't know exactly - what I do know is that breathing is almost effin' impossible uncomfortable - to say the least... if I place my hand at the very top of the baby bump all I feel is a hard little mound. Could it be the entire baby there?? I swear - it feels like more than just a foot, hand or head... my gosh. breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breathe out. Okay - I think we've managed to continue moving air through the lungs now :) Whew... that was miserable less than fun!

As long as we're talking about uncomfortable, lets discuss something that isn't so much uncomfortable, as hmmm, how would you call it... awkward - yes, definitely awkward. Let's talk awkward shall we? I've got it for you in five words. Thirty-one weeks pregnant sex. Oh yes. Seriously, I know that for some pregnant couples the sex life gets better, for some it gets worse, for some it disappears completely, but for us, it's been normal a little less steady, but we're both okay with it so far... well, we were anyway. Until last week.

Yes, last week was quite interesting... upon finishing showering one day last week E asked me "hey babe, wanna have a quickie?" (he's incredibly romantic eh? no wonder I couldn't turn that offer down) and so ya know.... we did. well, we tried. I've gotta say, I really should have more closely read that article with the "Third Trimester Sex Tips" all I could recall was "doggy style" and "spoon" and a few others of which I couldn't remember... let's just say that we tried three positions before mostly giving up... and afterwards E said to me "ya know, that might be the last time we have sex for a while... it wasn't much fun was it?" My response sounded something like much fun? it was pretty horrible actually, seriously, what was the point there? "nope babe, not much at all" So yeah. Unless I can find that article again and it has some better ideas, or someone gives me some good ideas, looks like we won't be "getting any" for a while... seriously - we're still 8 weeks out, followed by the recommended "healing time" of 6 weeks? That's FOURTEEN WEEKS... which is 3.5 months. Are you kidding me? Wow. Please - someone, anyone - I need ideas! I'm no nympho well not since we started doing it in highschool anyway but seems to me that 14 weeks without sex is an infinite awfully long time... and pretty crazy too...

So yeah. Now that we've discussed being uncomfortable, and uncomfortable topics, any ideas, advice, thoughts, suggestions, etc would be most welcome. I know there are plenty of you out there who can help us, so DO IT!! NOW!! Please? :)


Kas said...

I would just like to comment that this post has the most scratched out words ever in once post.

That is all.


Rusti said...

LOL - thanks Kas :)

goodtwin said...

try this site.