Friday, November 7, 2008

October ROFL Awards

Jess of Oh, The Joys and Tania of Chicky Chicky Baby are keeping the Rolling On the Floor Laughing Awards going and I'm sharing the laughs with y'all!

I nominated Catherine of Her Bad Mother because while her posts sometimes bring me to tears, and often make me think, this post was definitely deserving of a ROFL Award! It made me cringe, almost gag, laugh in horror, and pray several times for this to NEVER EVER happen to me... (of course I have no doubts that I will also be without extra clothes or diapers and have a shitastic event take place at some point, but a girl's gotta have hope right??)

It's hilariously disturbing - especially for me, about to embark on this adventure called Motherhood... and probably for other new mom's as well... or anyone at all who deals with diapers full of poo.... not sure I'll ever look at mustard the same way again...

Catherine - you have all my sympathy, and admiration too, for being able to do what you did without collapsing against the bathroom wall in hysterics and tears until some poor soul took mercy on you and helped you out... you.are.amazing. No doubt about it!

Don't forget also to check in on either Jess or Tania's blogs to see the full list of October ROFL Award winners!! Enjoy ROFL!! :)

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