Saturday, November 22, 2008

my own little list of pregnancy pros & cons

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a little swelling of the fingers (am now wearing wedding set on my necklace) and feet/ankles (got myself some suede rubber-soled slippers to wear at work & have been propping my feet on my computer tower often during the work day) in the evenings... just this past week I noticed how icky lovely cellulite looks on my thighs... I'm wondering what fabulous pregnancy effect my body will show next week... stretch marks? probably. All in all though, I've only gained 31 pounds so far, and other than the ginormous belly and slightly chubbier cheeks (if you ask certain people that is) - I look pretty much exactly the same as I did before I was knocked up... I'm pretty darn lucky I'd have to say.

So throughout the past 8.5 months I've been pretty darn blessed with how my pregnancy has been going, and thought of drawing up a list just to compare how many great things have happened as opposed to how many not-so-great things have happened... so here it is... my list as I see it at this particular point (33 weeks and 6 days pregnant) :)

  • feeling great still
  • no complications
  • looking pretty good still ;)
  • can at least drink hot chocolate
  • can eat lots and lots
  • freedom from changing Batman's litter box
  • people asking how I'm doing and offering to assist with everything
  • feeling Baby move in my belly is the most awesome experience I've ever had
  • being called chubby or fat just makes me laugh
  • books & presents for Baby :)
  • people excuse a lot of blunders due to Baby eating brain cells ;)
  • picking out and buying/registering for Baby stuff is fun!
  • looking at Baby clothes is fun! even if you're not knowing of Baby's gender ;)
  • gaining new friendships with other moms/dads - and getting advice from them!
  • being loaned or given maternity clothes from friends who don't currently need them ROCKS!! whoo-hoo for previously preggo friends & family
  • boss doesn't care if you're wearing maternity jeans three days a week
  • actual cleavage for the first time in my life :)
  • 24/7 nausea from weeks 6-15
  • can't stand smell of Chinese food
  • can't eat chocolate desserts or drink chocolate milk
  • Pregnancy Brain
  • extreme fatigue often
  • people try to tell you how to raise your child
  • being overly emotional and hormonal ;)
  • lack of motivation to do anything due to lack of energy
  • trying to figure out what products are the right ones for Baby can be frustrating
  • making three pairs of pants last through a five day work-week without wearing the same ones two days in a row...
  • swelling fingers, feet & ankles
  • cellulite on thighs (and probably bum too - can't see that though!!)
  • 3rd trimester sex is awkward to do
Yeah... I had more items for my list while laying in bed last night drifting off to sleep, but alas, they're escaping me at this time... but any way you look at it - for me, the Pros definitely outnumber and outweigh the Cons... being pregnant is AWESOME!

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