Sunday, February 27, 2011

SOC Sunday: one or three??

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INTRO: This brain dump is brought on by a connversation Hubs and I have repeatedly had over the past several years... and again just this past week... timer... ready... and... GO!

I am one of two children, my sister is 19mos younger than I am, and for the most part, it was an awesome way to grow up. We had our fights and jealousies at times, but we've always been super close, and we're best friends. Hubs is the youngest (and only boy) of three... he & his sisters aren't super close, but Hubs is kinda antisocial and a homebody, so that's partly to blame I think ;) All growing up I've always wanted two kids. I didn't want an only child, because I loved having a sibling, but I didn't want three, as I thought one would always be left out... so I'd decided long ago, two kids was it. Well, Hubs has always said "one, or three" and I still don't get his logic... I mean, his logic for wanting three (excuse his cynical morbid cop-brain) is that if something were to happen to one of them, they wouldn't be left alone... okay, I guess I can see where that would be "logical" if you think like that (I don't generally, and I've had a LOT of tragic way-too-early deaths in my family) but then where does that leave us if we were to have one child? if something happens to that ONE child - then what are we left with?? and why would anyone want that?? (*not why would someone want just one child, why one child when you think like Hubs does...)

wow. time went faster than my fingers...


Deb said...

Interesting. I grew up with two younger brothers. They are the best of friends NOW.. but growing up they nearly killed each other. I was the best friend to either of them, at one time or another. But not so much now. It makes my heart happy to see them be such great friends. And I don't feel left out in the least.

I'd say, while 3 has it's issues... it was a very nice time for us. It will all turn out for the best. :)

Happy SOCSunday to you!

all.things.fadra said...

I can't tell you the right answer but I have often heard of the fear of losing a child making people have more. Maybe he things losing one and being left with two or being left with none would be easier that having to deal with a child who is suddenly isolated.

I don't have fatalist thinking but I personally have agonized over the same decision. I wrote this over my own personal struggle.

Cherry Rolla said...

I was an "only" child.I have two 1/2 sisters but I never lived with them, One older and one younger. I spent most of my childhood moving due to my mother job and divorce. I always wanted a sibling so I could always have a friend to play with. Maybe thats why I now have 4 of my own, it was never planned but the oldest two are best of friends. 3 kids would drive me nuts bc it is a odd number. lol

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this stream of consciousness. Love it. I think I will try this on for size. :)