Wednesday, April 21, 2010

teething? how about teething with thrush!

sooooo yeah. I've been thinking that Goose's crankiness and waking up screaming has been just her regular cutting teeth process (which really, it's not much different from the norm when she's cutting teeth) but yesterday at her 15 month check-up upon opening G's mouth during that part of the examination our doctor (whom we absolutely LOVE) immediately said "oh! she has a bad case of thrush!" and it was INSTANT guilt for me. (thrush? what? what the hell is thrush? how does it happen? how could I not notice this? omg I'm a terrible mother!!) and when she pointed out that white film and white spots ALL OVER G's mouth, lips, tongue... all I could think was "that wasn't there yesterday... I was checking out her teeth yesterday, that was so not there!" so that relieved some of my bad momma guilt... and the Doc said "sometimes it can come on all of a sudden - like a yeast infection" which - well, they're similar right? so yeah. my poor Goose. cutting teeth and thrush. what a great combo. we picked up a prescription which is supposed to help clear it up soon, I sterilized all her paci's & bottle nipples last night (even though it's not contagious between people - as we're not nursing anymore I don't have to worry about getting it - woo hoo! 1 point for being weaned) and am wondering about sterilizing her toothbrush - or just tossing it & getting a new one (anyone have experience & words of wisdom here?)

also yesterday - at 15.5 months old, Goose is weighing in at a whopping 18 pounds 2 ounces (under the 5th percentile) and measuring just over 30 inches (in the 25th percentile) - no wonder she's still wearing 9 month & 12 month clothes... and that her pants - no matter what size! - are either fitting in the waist, but look like highwaters, or long enough and falling off her bum... ah well, could be worse right? ;) also discussed with our doctor G's walking, stair climbing, running, talking, etc. and looks like we're doing great developmentally as well as physically... so thankful to have a healthy toddler! she's going to hate being in a rear-facing carseat for the rest of her life isn't she?

yesterday was also traumatic for her because she had to get shots... yes I know, she's 15 months old, and has been getting immunizations every 3 months since birth... except for her 12 month appointment when she had a cold, so we held those off until yesterday... the reason it was so traumatic after so many other shots? we're weaned. yeah. previously, we've nursed through the process of getting the immunizations... G was pause - sometimes let out a small cry - then go right back to nursing... barely phased her (oh, and we're mean - we don't give her Tylenol or Motrin before shots... we're trying to keep her drug free as much as possible ya know?) but yesterday... there was no nursing. just me, holding her close on my lap, keeping her arms tucked in out of the nurse's way while trying to keep G focused on the book I was reading to her... no such luck. she watched as the nurse (whom we also LOVE!) poked that first needle into her chunky little thigh, and then.... bloodcurdling screams ensued. (the nurse even took a few minutes between the second & third shots - which were in opposite legs - to give Goose a chance to catch her breath, because those screams were only coming out... no air was going back in!) my poor Goose. she cried a few more minutes after the nurse left the room, then let me get her dressed and we headed out...

she did great the rest of the day/night as we visited my office and headed home, she ate well, got to bed at a decent hour, slept well... and I pre-warned her daycare about the thrush & 4 shots... okayed Motrin if she's bad, and asked to call for an early pick-up if she's just miserable (I'm not hoping for that - as I don't want her to be miserable, but I wouldn't mind another early day and cuddling my Goose!)

so yeah. how's that for a fun Tuesday?


NatalieEbigScott said...

Toss the toothbrush... Glad you have weaned successfully! :)

Michelle said...

Poor girl! You're lucky that at least your dr's office lets you hold her on your lap for shots. Ours makes them lay on the table and you have to hold them down and I hate it! I think Riley would be so much better with the shots if they weren't holding him down-he hates to be restrained (who doesn't??) He's usually okay as soon as I pick him back up.

Riley and Emma seem to be the same size and we have the same problems with pants! Either too short or falling off! He is constantly crawling out of his pants. I actually bought him a belt, but most baby pants don't have beltloops (and I have to put the belt as small as it will go!) I can't wait until we get to the sizes that have adjustable waistbands!!

Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

New follower here =] I agree with you about no pain medication before or after shots. We don't give our little guy any before either. And unless he's running a fever, which has yet to happen at 10 months, we don't give him any after. Even when he's teething, we try to keep him of tylenol. Unless for some reason he's screaming bloody murder for hours.