Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday May 6th - Night Waking Log

5:30 got home, Goose played in swing while I put away milk, got something to eat, changed diaper
6:30 G ate 1oz, rocker her to sleep @ 7pm, watched American Idol, natural daylight, G slept in my arms, I watched The Mentalist
8:30 G woke up
8:45 ate 30z
9:05 rocked to sleep in my arms - against my chest, TV light on mod./dim
10:00 woke up fussing, gave paci, fell asleep on bottle - 2oz
11:40 awake fussing, crying
11:45 bed, nursing - fan, whitenoise, night light

2:30 woke screaming - too mad, had to walk/stand to get her to latch on, nursed
5:40 nursed
up at 6:45

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