Monday, December 8, 2008

be careful what you wish for?

So I mentioned that I was hoping to hear something new at my check-up right? Well, maybe I spoke too soon. Not that there is anything wrong, but what I heard was a little bit of a head's up... You want examples - well let's appointment went something like this (nurse's comments in blue, OB-GYN's comments in red)

"It's time for your Group B Strep test, just put this in the window with your urine sample when you are done, the instructions are on the wall over there" wait, do what? you want me to put what where?? that was not fun.

I've gained 40 pounds (3 of those in ONE WEEK - 9 of them just since my 32 week check-up!)... "weight looks good" so I don't need to stop pigging out like crazy? "nope, you're doing fine!"

how about the swelling in my legs & ankles- any reason to worry? "not if you've been sitting or standing for long periods of time, it's normal at this stage, and lucky for you, it's usually even worse in warm months! if you have any severe swelling though in your hands, feet or face give us a call"

There is a little protein in my urine, but my blood pressure is good, so they aren't concerned... "blood pressure is beautiful, which is why we aren't concerned that you have some low levels of protein in your urine"

heartbeat was good, lower than it's been before (136 beats per minute as opposed to 142-150 as in previous visits) "the range is 120-160, the baby could be sleeping right now, or you could have eaten or drank something before other visits, there is no reason to worry, it sounds good"

"any questions? no? okay, well we will see you next week then! and if the baby's movements slow down a great deal or stop, or if you have any leaking or bleeding give us a call and head into Emergency just to be safe"

So, yeah. Heard a few things I wasn't expecting (like "shove this Q-tip up your hoo-ha and bum" and the whole "protein in urine" and "call us if this happens" type things) but all in all, the appointment went well, and everything looks normal... we'll see how it all goes next week :) (I'm no longer hoping to hear "new things" by the way! Unless it's "hey, Baby looks to be about this size" or "Baby is already head down" or even "measuring big, might go a little early" or something similar... nothing that will freak me out!) :)

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annie said...

I've never had the pleasure of the DIY Beta Strep test... they have always done it for me... not sure which is worse. hmmmm?