Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Journal entry #2

Well hello again little one,

You are now 15weeks and 2 days old - well, in "gestational age" or whatever they call in anyway. :) I'm definitely feeling better, and I'm pretty sure you're getting all the nutrition that you need because I am hungry all the time! Which means I'm eating all the time as well! The morning sickness seems to have disappeared - although the migraines haven't completely yet...

You are already building up clothes & toys - we've received some super cute gifts already! AuntL bought you your first outfits & some cute matching bibs. Gramma got you a hat at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas that says "Rock Star" on it, and LilMan got you your first stuffed animal - it's a super soft bunny rabbit! AuntK, Gramma & GrAuntN have all bought you some outfits as well - of course in typical fashion AuntK & Gramma are keeping them until the baby shower or until you are born. The others though are hanging in your closet.

Papa & I are going to try to get your room painted and your crib set-up in the next week or so - I can't wait! I'm also going to check out a dresser at GrAuntN's to see if we can paint it and use it for you - you'll learn early about the Chapman side of the family - SAVE YOUR MONEY! GiGiCaro is the bargain shopper! :)

You seem to be growing so fast - just three weeks ago you were the size of a medium goldfish, and this week you are the size of an apple! I saw myself in a mirror today from the side and couldn't believe how much was belly was poking out already! People at work are definitely starting to notice - a few have even rubbed my belly!

In just 5 short months or so you'll be coming out into the world - and we will finally get to see your beautiful face and hold you in our arms... it seems so unreal sometimes! I can't wait until I can feel you moving around in side me - of course AuntL says all the kicking can be a little painful or uncomfortable - but I'm still excited! Now Papa & I just need to think about your name :)


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